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The world of web design and development can seem daunting and impossible to comprehend. At Intuitive Web Solutions we speak to our clients in a clear and approachable manner, eliminating the complicated jargon to ensure you feel empowered and informed every step of the way.

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Website Creation Process

There are several stages in the process of designing and developing a website. While there is a lot of overlap and many of the tasks may happen simultaneously, these steps will provide you with a general overview of the process.

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  • 1. Initial Consultation

    We start the process by discussing the following:

    • What do you want to achieve with your website?
    • What emotions do you want the website to portray?
    • Website style, colours and branding
    • Time Savers like booking systems
    • What search terms prospective clients will use to find you
    • What pages you need
  • 2. Layout

    This stage is about deciding where to place the content of your website and is known in the industry as ‘wireframing.’ This often includes temporary placeholder images and written content and helps to determine what images and written content is required.

    This will include separate layouts for both larger desktop and smaller mobile screens.

  • 3. Images and Written Content

    This stage will take place somewhat together with the layout stage. The layout will be partly determined by what content you wish to portray and the relative importance of each piece.
    After the layout is completed it will also be clear what further images and written content is required in order to replace any placeholder content.

    This will partly be completed by both the client and by us, with guidance as to what further material is required.

  • 4. Website Design

    We will design a visually appealing website that engages your potential clients and has a logical and easy to follow structure that allows them to easily find the information they are looking for.

    This step will see the replacement of placeholder content with images and written content, along with adding colour and flare to your website.


  • 5. Website Development

    This is the process of taking the design and creating it in a functioning website. This will occur along with some of the previous steps, but will also include items such as setting up contact forms, internal links and menus.

  • 6. Final Revision

    Your website is almost ready- prepare a list with anything you’re not yet happy with to make your site ready for launch.

  • 7. Website Launch

    You’re happy with your new website and it’s ready to go public.

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    At Intuitive Web Solutions we offer a number of services throughout the website creation process. Some of the information below is unavoidably techinical in nature. If you would like to skip the geek speak, please use the button below.
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    Website Design

    We design visually stunning and easy to follow websites that help businesses achieve their goals and convert more clients. I specialize in creating custom designs that align with your business goals, target audience, and industry best practices.

    This includes both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design considerations to maximise your website's conversion.

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    Website Development

    I take your website design and transform it in to a highly functional live site that uses best website practices. Your website will be created with clean, accurate code resulting in a fast and easy to use webpage, which will help you to rank on search engines.

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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    No website is complete without considering how you show up on Google and other search engines. The techniques for this are known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. All of our websites include the following basic features to get you started:

    • Keyword research
    • Optimising early keyword use
    • Correct use of heading tags
    • Accessibility features
    • Speed and Mobile Responsiveness
    Woman sitting on top of a computer screen showing web design element on the screen. She is looking through a monocular to symbolise searching on the internet. She is completing Search Engine Optimisation work.

    Video Editing

    Videos are a valuable tool for engaging your clients and making your website more visable on search engines.

    We provide professional editing of short videos for your website and Youtube channel to accelerate your business.

    Content Writing

    I assist you with crafting written content that is both compelling to visitors to your website, while also highlighting your webpage for search engines.

    High quality images are essential in crafting an engaging website. I will work with you to choose appropriate images that will keep customers on your website for longer. This may include your own orginal images, paid stock photos, or a combination of the two.


    Introductory Prices 50% off for a Limited Time.
    Only available for new clients.
    Choose the most appropriate package for your needs or request a custom quote.
    • Basic Package
      Get Started
      • Single Page Website
      • Mobile Responsive
      • One Round of Revisions
      • 500 Words of Content
      • 3 Months of Limited Hosting
      • Basic Contact Form
    • Standard Package
      Most Popular
      • 3 Page Website
      • Mobile Responsive
      • Two Rounds of Revisions
      • 1,000 Words of Content
      • 1 Year of Hosting
      • Basic Contact Form
    • Premium Package
      Larger Website
      • 8 Page Website
      • Mobile Responsive
      • Four Rounds of Revisions
      • 2,000 Words of Content
      • 1 Year of Hosting
      • Advanced Contact Form
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    • Add Ons

      • Additional Pages (per page) – $300
      • Additional Content (per 500 words) – $200
      • Additional Round of Revisions  – $200
      • Domain Email Setup – $150
      • Blog Setup (Includes posting the first 3)- $350
      • Google Business Profile Set-up – $300
      • Editable Menu – $350 Plus annual subscription
      • Event System Setup – From $500
    • Automatic Inclusions

      If you want the technical details
      • SSL Certificate
      • Keyword and Basic SEO advice
      • Image Optimisation
      • Image Alt Tags (For Accessibility)
      • Responsive Fonts (For Accessibility)
      • One Year of Domain Registration ( if not already purchased)
      • Installation of Required Plugins (Excludes Paid Plugin Cost)
      • Basic Speed Optimisation
      • Google Search Console
      • Bing Webmaster Tools
      • Meta Tags
      • Logical slug structure

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few common questions people like you have about website design and development in the Inner West of Sydney Australia.

    • How much does a website in Sydney Australia cost?

      A website in Australia typically costs anywhere from $1,000 to upwards of $10,000 depending on the size and complexity of the site.

      A website is an important marketing tool, one that has become increasingly essential investment in today’s world. An effective website should provide tremendous value to your business, increasing exposure, sales and income far beyond the investment cost.

    • I don’t know where to start with making a website for my business

      Don’t worry, we can assist you throughout the process in a simple and straightforward manner so that you don’t get confused of overwhelmed.

      The purpose of the initial phone conversation is to determine your goals for your new website and what pages and features you may require in order to provide the most value to your business.

    • How long will my website take to make?

      It can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months to design and build your website. A smaller and straightforward website can be completed within a week, whereas a larger site or one with a lot of custom design will take longer.

      Once we have had a discussion about your website needs and goals we will be able to provide a more accurate time frame based on your individual requirements and our current capacity to take on new jobs.

      A major factor that will determine how long your website will take will be how long it takes you to provide the required materials (photos, logos and written content) and how quickly you are able to provide feedback to changes that may be required.

    • What platform do you use?

      We use WordPress and Bricks Builder to make you a highly functional and visually appealing website. This allows us to make highly customisable websites with clean, accurate and efficient code, while also meaning that you are not locked in with a particular web hosting service. Certain website builders such as Elementor and Divi, while popular, output inaccurate and bloated code which slows your website down and makes it less accessible.

      If you would prefer not to use WordPress for any reason, we are also able to create your website with Webflow.

    • What hosting do you use?

      We host our clients with VentraIP, a highly reliable and rated Australian based web hosting service. Having your Australian based company hosted locally will not only give your clients a better user experience and faster speeds, it will also assist search engines in displaying your website to Australian based search results.

      If you wish to have your website hosted outside of Australia, we will explore alternative options for you.

    • How do I know if I need a new website?

      There are a variety of factors that may determine whether a new website would be a valuable investment for your business. A few of the major ones are:

      • You’re not happy with your current site
      • You want to grow your business (faster)
      • Your design looks outdated
      • Mobile Responsive- Around half of visitors view websites on mobile devices. If your current website is not optimised for a range of screen sizes you will be making a poor impression on many potential clients and missing out on valuable business.
      • Webpage Speed – People are impatient. Every second of delay in loading time “can impact conversion rate by up to 20%.” If your site is old, poorly coded, or isn’t optimised you may be losing out on valuable business. While that may sound fairly technical, the good news is that you can easily test your site’s speed yourself at PageSpeed Insights, where you will get a few scores out of 100% that will give you a good idea where you currently stand. You can also use this tool to see how well your prospective designer’s own website performs, which is a decent indicator of how well they will be able to serve your business.
      • It’s not accessible – Ensuring your website can be comfortably enjoyed by people with disabilities, such as those with sight impairments is important. This is not only because you are excluding a percentage of the the population from your customer pool, but Google and other search engines recognise the extra effort you have put into your website and thus reward you with better search engine rankings. This is increasingly becoming a more and more important issue and the European Union have even introduced legislation and fines for non-compliance.
      • You’re using PDF files to provide information

      There are many other factors that may determine whether it’s time to accelerate your business with a new and improved website, but this should provide you with a general idea.

    • Can I edit my website myself?

      Yes- there will be many sections of your website where you can edit the content yourself. These include areas such as Pricing, Menus, Team Members, FAQs, Testimonials, Blog Posts, Events, etc. Please discuss with me what content and aspects of your site you would like to be able to self edit so that I can ensure that these areas are set up so these edits can be made safely.

      I strongly encourage you to request that I make more complicated changes myself as they may have flow on effects that you weren’t expecting. In order to ensure your website functions correctly over screens of various sizes and in maintained in a scalable fashion, many aspects of your website- such as font size, spacing and colours, use formula based coding that can be quite complex and technical.

      This provides the best experience for your (potential) clients, as the font and spacing size, among other things, will change incrementally based on the exact screen size they are viewing your website on. Due to the complexity of these areas I would strongly discourage you from attempting this yourself and lock this off by default. I hope to create some basic training materials in the future for those that would choose this path.

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