Uncle Prem used to come to our house 59 Kawdana road Attidiya Dehiwala.
Amma, my mum Pam Roles younger sister to Aunty Agnes would do typing late into the night for his various thesis and presentations that Uncle Prem had prepared.

We had no typewriter Uncle Prem brought one with him.

While Amma completed the typing late into the night uncle Prem my brother Shamantha and I would stand in the front garden chatting.

Many years later we migrated from the UK to Australia, from the deepest of my heart I thank uncle Prem for the support and guidance he gave my brother and me in securing our chosen career paths.
We were new in Sydney and it was Uncle Prem that encouraged, guided and assisted us in securing jobs in our chosen fields.
I sincerely thank you uncle Prem for the guidance and support you gave us and I pray that you will rest in Peace. May God Bless you.