Appreciation: Premaraj Appapilllai

Prem and I were very close from a very young age (He was born on 19 June 1943 and passed away in Sydney, Australia on 12 November 2023 and I am twenty-three months older). Prem was the eldest son of Professor Velupilli Appapillai (who retired in 1979 as Dean of the Pera Science Faculty) and Isabelle Thangam, nee Joseph, my Chinnama – my mother’s sister. Prem was one of four siblings, the others are Mano, Kumudhini and Dayananthan (better known as Bole). All three now live in different parts of the USA. Prem married Agnes Mathi and emigrated with her to Sydney, Australia, in the mid-1970s. Agnes had two daughters who he adopted as his own. The younger, Rapti is a charming and loving girl who kept an eye on Prem after Agnes passed away and showed amazing devotion during his terminal illness. Rapti’s husband Jan Sidu was stalwart in his courage and support for Rapti and Prem during these difficult times.