Yes- there will be many sections of your website where you can edit the content yourself. These include areas such as Pricing, Menus, Team Members, FAQs, Testimonials, Blog Posts, Events, etc. Please discuss with me what content and aspects of your site you would like to be able to self edit so that I can ensure that these areas are set up so these edits can be made safely.

I strongly encourage you to request that I make more complicated changes myself as they may have flow on effects that you weren’t expecting. In order to ensure your website functions correctly over screens of various sizes and in maintained in a scalable fashion, many aspects of your website- such as font size, spacing and colours, use formula based coding that can be quite complex and technical.

This provides the best experience for your (potential) clients, as the font and spacing size, among other things, will change incrementally based on the exact screen size they are viewing your website on. Due to the complexity of these areas I would strongly discourage you from attempting this yourself and lock this off by default. I hope to create some basic training materials in the future for those that would choose this path.